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Your Guide to Online Dating Polish Women

Dating Polish women has been a dream of many men around the world for years. It’s entirely possible now, thanks to the numerous online dating sites available. Having met the Polish lady of your dreams through one of those sites, maybe you’re trying to figure out now how to sustain that relationship while you’re both getting ready for your trip to Poland or her visiting you in America. When you look at statistics and numbers, there are many married couples who have had to spend some time apart during their relationship. Either the couples met online on a dating site or through a dating agency and had to spend time apart to sort out the necessary papers, this only shows that there is hope that long distance marriages can succeed! read more


Everyone has at least some sort of an idea of what kind of a person do they want to date. This goes for European women, too. One who has heard a lot of stereotypes may be thinking that all these ladies want is a perfect human, a prince with great looks and a Ferrari, but that’s not what we found. read more

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