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4 Things Reveal That Asian Women Know MEN

There are plenty of reasons (mostly Western) men are interested in Asian women. One reason is very well-known – their amazing beauty and elegance. Another thing that isn’t that often recognized is that these ladies know men. They understand what makes a man tick and know how to so-called handle them. Here are some things that prove this statement. read more


Dating women from around the world has never been easier. There are several high-quality online dating services that offer a huge variety of online dating tools that makes dating Asian women possible for western men. Thanks to the availability of these tools a lot of people rush into dating women from foreign countries. If you get into it without sufficient knowledge of the local culture, then your dating will not go as smoothly as planned. read more


If you are reading this article then you are most likely interested in dating Asian women. That may sound like a simple task because you’ve gone on plenty of dates before. But have you dated outside your own culture before? If you have not then you will have to change your approach because what works in the West does not work in the East. This article is offering you advice on how to go about dating Asian women. read more


We have already discussed the dating etiquette with Chinese womenChinese Women in some earlier posts. This post is basically part 2 that focuses on explaining physical relationships with a Chinese woman.

First of all, as you know, in the West this is seen as a part of the norm. Two people fall in love and they don’t spend too much time waiting for the right time to get into the physical intimacy sphere. They mostly don’t wait until they’re married. They are much more liberated in their thinking. In China, however, the concept of intimacy after marriage is still very important. read more

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