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Are you interested in online dating and want to date a Chinese woman online? Then this article is perfect for you. You are probably wondering how you can impress her online from all the way around the world. Is it even possible, you ask? The great news is that it is. We have done some thinking for you and are here to offer you 3 great tips to accomplish your goal. read more


If you don’t do enough research into the Chinese dating culture it will make your dating experience with a Chines woman rather difficult since there are such huge gaps in the dating etiquette of the East and the West. There are some similarities as well but they don’t compensate for the many differences that are present as well. read more


We have already discussed the dating etiquette with Chinese womenChinese Women in some earlier posts. This post is basically part 2 that focuses on explaining physical relationships with a Chinese woman.

First of all, as you know, in the West this is seen as a part of the norm. Two people fall in love and they don’t spend too much time waiting for the right time to get into the physical intimacy sphere. They mostly don’t wait until they’re married. They are much more liberated in their thinking. In China, however, the concept of intimacy after marriage is still very important. read more

Chinese Dating- What Makes An Ideal Chinese Date?

chinese datingBecause of the language and cultural differences between Chinese women and men from the western world, dating between the two groups can be a complicated affair. Successful Chinese dating requires that the two groups try to familiarize with each other’s background and then try to establish common ground. In any relationship, establishing commonality is an important milestone if the relationship is to succeed. So if you are planning on venturing into Chinese dating, be it online dating or going out with a Chinese girl you have met and like, your first priority should be to learn as much as you can about their culture so that you know how to handle expectations of both your date and her family. read more

How To Have The Perfect Chinese Date

chinese date

A typical Chinese date is bound to be very different from a regular western date in more ways than one. The inherent differences between the two cultures means that dating a Chinese lady must be given a different approach from that given when dating a western woman. Of course there are also some similarities between the two and these too are just as important as the differences. For instance, no matter which country your date comes from, showing chivalry during the date is always good and will always be appreciated by the women. In this context, chivalry refers to doing little gentlemanly things like pulling out her chair for her when you get to the table and opening doors for her or taking her coat. read more

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