What Key Things to Include in Your First Date Wardrobe, Brought to You by AsianDate

We have covered in detail, the main things you should avoid when dressing for a date, or any occasion for that matter. Things such as squeaky, fake leather jackets, too much cologne and fake designer goods are top of the list, but what SHOULD you wear? We asked a selection of women looking for love on AsianDate.com, and these were their top answers.


Dark blue jeans or chinos.

There were by far the preferred type of trousers for men on a date. Avoid anything too tight or too loose and do not ever go for a boot cut. Something slim fitting in a dark, neutral colour is both timeless and flattering. They are also worn for many types of occasions, not just dinner and drinks.

A fitted shirt in a light, neutral colour.

The key with shirts is to keep the first two buttons undone but to have the shirt tucked in. Keep the colour neutral or white and avoid any garish colours or patterns. Fuscia, paisley print sateen is not going to go down well with any woman unless it is 1973 or a fancy dress party.

Smart casual loafers/desert boots.

You cannot go wrong with these type of shoes. Loafers have been in fashion forever and are comfortable, practical and classic. Desert boots are also a good option, they go with everything and offer a slightly more trendy look than loafers. Either way, you are onto a winner.

Minimal accessories.

Stick to a simple brown leather belt, a classic and understated watch and cufflinks at an absolute push; it is best to avoid any other types of jewellery to prevent the risk of looking too flashy or overdone.

A small splash of cologne or aftershave.

Again less is more when it comes to fragrance, and it should be applied conservatively at all times. Stick to high-end brands such as Gucci and Hugo Boss for the most classic and traditional scents.

A Classic jacket in a dark colour.

Depending on the weather, you could choose a woollen coat, a smart blazer or a simple leather jacket. Ensure it is tastefully lined and in a classic cut for maximum effect.

Follow these style basics from Asian Date to be sure you look as cool, and confident as you feel.

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