Dating sites geared towards guys looking to date Asian women are numerous. It seems as if an Asian dating site is created every minute and that is all because dating Asian women has become so much more popular in the recent years. You may think this is awesome for those looking to date women from that region but there could actually be more cons than pros to this. A major con is going through the many many sites – there is so much to choose from! We’re here to help you out with finding the right site.

We advise you get a pen and paper to write down some names of the sites that have caught your interest(granted that you’ve already found a few). We like to analyze every Asian dating site according to 3 principles:

Popularitygreat asian dating website

You can check which site has been featured in popular magazines or talk shows. Quite understandably having been featured on a show means that the recommended site carries a stamp of approval. In 2010 wrote an article about online dating and listed 10 dating sites that you should try out. Another great example is Tinder, the very popular dating app, that has been featured on tons of websites of magazines like Marie Claire and so on.
You can also read the sites online reviews.

Research the Users

If you’ve figured out which site of yours is very popular, go and check the users the site has. You can sign up to a trial account and see what the ladies’ demographic is – their age, ethnicity, build, facial features and so on. This will help you understand if you’re in the right place that can cover your needs. If you specifically prefer Chinese ladies and the website only has a small concentration of them, then you need to look elsewhere. Also have a look at what the ladies seem to be into – do they want serious relationship or are they into something much more casual. You need to make sure that you are surrounded by people with the same interests.

Services and Costs

Once you’re done with researching the users, check what the site has to offer. There is usually information on the sites FAQ or About page. Some places have a special page named Pricing. It is also a good idea to figure out what your budget may be. If you consider the features they offer reasonable in both usefulness, quality and price then you’ve found the right page. If not then simply check for another page. You can also use Youtube to navigate through some tutorials of websites.

The Best Asian Dating Site

Spotting a great Asian dating website may be a hassle but once you find one it will definitely be worth it because it gets you closer to the girl of your dreams. Do more reseach on your own and good luck with finding the right person.

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