AnastasiaDate Lists Favorite Hobbies of European Members

AnastasiaDate introduces favorite pastimes of European ladies on the portal

AnastasiaDate loves to conduct fun surveys about their valued members and this time they have taken a look at what the most popular pastimes for European members are. As perhaps expected, the results show that there is a lot of variety in how individuals love to spend their time. That explains why so many men are interested in dating European women on – not only are they beautiful, they are also interesting.

AnastasiaDateHobbies are the most common way people connect on the portal so knowing the interests of other members is crucial. New members on the site are encouraged to write down how they love to spend their free time so potential matches could find them faster. The most recent survey about pastime activities of members is providing members more fun details about each other.

The study says that the number one favourite pastime for European members is fitness and sports. Health and well-being apparently play a significant role in the lives of these ladies. Everyone has their ways of keeping fit and there may be another survey listing those. The second favorite pastime for the members was reading, which isn’t a surprise because Europeans are known to keep up with the latest in the field of literature. It also illustrates what the intellectual interests of AnastasiaDate’s members are.

The survey states that the third favourite pastime of European ladies is socializing. It shows that the members have a social nature and that they are outgoing and friendly towards others. It is a useful trait when it comes to online dating as it helps break the ice between people and find a potential match better.

Europeans are also known for their love of the outdoors and interest in nature. That explains why spending time outdoors is placed number four on the survey list. Travelling is also a huge favorite for members but surprisingly landed in the fifth position on the list. Members state that what they love about travelling is meeting new people and gaining knowledge of different cultures around the world.

Cooking and dancing are the sixth and seventh favorites accordingly. Also, no surprises here as the member base of AnastasiaDate is known to be very versatile. Members of can use innovative and high tech online dating features to connect with ladies from around the world and have conversations about their personal interests and passions.

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