Russian women are very high on the list of women western men are very interested in dating. They are seen as the most sought after ladies around. No wonder – they are elegant, gorgeous, well educated, feisty, hot, loyal and so on. Everything a man could want. However dating them takes some craft. Since your cultures are very different it takes learning a few things so the dating goes smoothly. This article offers you helpful tips so you could have success with dating Russian women:

1. Learn some phrases and keep learning.

Russian womenThis may sound like a daunting task but it isn’t so. Especially if you are serious about dating these women. They usually are well educated but their education does not always include English lessons. Russian women are also very patriotic and are proud of their language. If you create a family with them – they will want the kids to learn both English AND Russian. It wouldn’t hurt if you could help that process along.

2. Don’t move too fast.

It is understandable that when you are really emotionally invested in someone it becomes difficult to slow down. However, every time you want to go visit her you need a visa, and getting one takes time. Then you also need to plan your trip. Then there is her and her understanding of how relationships should be. These ladies don’t just give themselves to anyone. They expect you to put in effort and show them that you are worthy of them.

3. Friendships and family are very important.

Russians take a lot of advice from their friends. If you are dating a Russian woman you will quickly meet her friends and family and you can bet they will offer her their opinion of you. Trying to impress them will not work. Being yourself and being honest, open and sincere will.
TIP: When you go visit always bring a small gift with you. It is customary in the Russian culture.


Learn these tips and you will have no problem with dating Russian women. It wouldn’t hurt to do more homework on this issue and ensure your success even more. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips.

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