Winning Your Date in Poland – Is that possible?

Your Date in Poland

Poland is becoming westernized and many women have more liberal attitudes than in the past. That said, Poland still has quite a lot of patriarchal attitudes which has some effect on the way you should play the dating game.

Gender Roles

Traditionally, Polish men like to feel that they are strong and in control. This means that they are very protective towards women. Opening doors, paying for the meal and giving presents are cultural behaviors expected of men. You certainly won’t impress if you expect a lady to buy her own tickets, pay her share of the meal or open the car door. Be gallant. Be a little old-fashioned. You are more likely to impress.

Polish ladies are ultra-feminine. They like to look beautiful. Never rush a lady if she is still getting ready. It will be rare for you to see a date without her make-up. There are even reports of husbands who have never seen their wives without make-up. Wait until she has fixed her hair and put on her high heels. Flatter her and tell her that she looks stunning. Your date will be very happy.

Polish girls are quite close to their mothers. You will often see them out shopping together or holding hands. A polish lady will be more interested in you if you demonstrate that you think family is important. Show her photos from your last family reunion. Ask questions about her family. Ask about her childhood. These are normal conversations that you would expect to have with your date in Poland. In Poland, it can have extra significance.

Where to Go

Polish girls are more likely to be impressed by good taste than extravagance. Choose a quaint coffee shop or café which has good food and a pleasant atmosphere for conversation. Make sure that you foot the bill. Like women everywhere, Polish ladies like surprises so bring her flowers or her favorite chocolates. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

Honesty and Directness

Women from all cultures appreciate honesty. Western men are sometimes taken aback by how direct the Poles can be. If they disagree with something, you will be told bluntly. This applies in the workplace as well as the dating scene. Don’t take it personally if a lady criticizes your choices. Tell her that you look forward to her input in future.

One area where the Poles are not so direct is in the area of discussing emotions. Poles are often hesitant to tell you openly if they like you. You will need to look for subtle hints and visual cues. A Polish lady who is quick to say “I love you” is likely to have an ulterior motive. Although Poland is modernizing, it is still a largely Roman Catholic country with quite conservative approaches to love and marriage. Expressing feelings about love takes some time.

Thinking of You

Poles have a number of cute customs that they use when dating. One of these is to ring your phone once and hang up. Don’t worry. Your date isn’t a crazy stalker. It means that she was thinking of you at that moment. It’s just a different way of saying, “Hi.”

Polish ladies want to date a gentleman and they may not be prepared for as much discussion about feelings as you would expect in the west. Be genuine and be yourself. That is the best way to impress ladies anywhere.

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