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Asia is full of countries that are high on the list of places tourist love to go. When you travel to a new country for a vacation, to visit a friend or to meet your new girlfriend, you need to know how to behave. This article details 5 things you shouldn’t do when visiting your Asian girlfriend.

1. Don’t stick chopsticks upright in rice or food in general

If you happen to be dining out and must use chopsticks, keep in mind that you should never stick them in food, be it rice, dumplings, noodles or what have you. The reason you shouldn’t do this is because chopsticks sticking out of your bowl looks too much like the incense offered to the dead in an Asian funeral practice. Asian people are very cautious with regards to anything relating to death or the dead. While on the topic of food, it is also very rude to double dip.

2. Accepting compliments

In Asia it is very customary to be humble when someone pays you a compliment. If you are praised for a job well done you are expected to respond by saying it wasn’t all that good and to thank the person for offering the compliment despite your “mediocre effort” put into work. Saying thank you is seen as being arrogant. It will take some time before you get used to this, but you must be humble when someone pays you a compliment. Asian girlfriend

3. Don’t point your finger

A lot of cultures in Asia consider pointing your finger very rude. So when you are out buying souvenirs, instead of using your index finger, point with your thumb instead. This may be so unusual for you that you may even need to practice a while before you get it down. You will definitely get plus points for the effort as it is seen as a very respectful thing for a foreigner to do and respect is in high value in Asia.

4. Entering homes, remove your shoes or ask if you should

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that in most homes in Asia, when you enter a house you are supposed to remove your shoes. Or at least ask if you should do so. Definitely don’t forget this point, as walking into an Asian household with your shoes is like a stranger marching through your living room tracking mud on the floor. This applies to Japan, Korea and several other countries. Do research on the country you are visiting.

5. Limit any physical contact with the opposite sex

If you go on a tour with your Asian girlfriend you need to limit the public displays of affection. It is widely accepted in the western cultures but not so in Asia. It is still a very conservative space and physical contact with the opposite sex is seen as offensive, especially in front of the elderly. This, again, is about respect.


These are 5 tips that should give you some insight into the Asian culture. Ultimately, you will need to do more research into this topic. Check back soon for more Asian dating tips, posts on Asia and Asian culture.

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