Everyone has at least some sort of an idea of what kind of a person do they want to date. This goes for European women, too. One who has heard a lot of stereotypes may be thinking that all these ladies want is a perfect human, a prince with great looks and a Ferrari, but that’s not what we found.

Let’s just tone it down a little bit because we’ve gone through a number of profiles and you’d be surprised at what European women really want in a man:

1. Someone who admits to having feelings.

This trait is easily associated with the words: “soft”, “sappy”, “feminine” and this is not at all what women want. Let us explain, by sensitive we mean that you take her feelings into consideration. A few traits that are synonymous to sensitive would include understanding and empathy.

European women

2. Someone who can lead when need be.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, women from Europe do not want a YES MAN. They want a man who will take charge and make decisions. European women tend to be tough but they aren’t looking for a follower.

3. They need someone who provides.

This is so basic – these ladies want a provider. As the man of the house, you are expected to provide for the basic needs of your family and that’s what European women want too.

They need to feel that they can lean on you. We are not necessarily saying that you need to provide all things. In general European women are well educated and can take care of themselves very well but once you create a family they need to know you can handle it.

4. A man with respect for women.

Respect, among other things, is very important for European women. As her partner you should support her, let her be herself and take aim at her goals in life. If it were you, wouldn’t you need the same thing in a partnership – room to be who you are?

It’s no Different

In general, most women are after the same things. You will be successful with dating European women if you have the characteristics described above.

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