This article is for guys who are wondering what to get their Korean girlfriend for Valentines Day. In this scenario you’ve been online dating someone special for awhile but you are yet to meet up in person. You have been chatting and video conferencing over the web. Right now your relationship is solid and you expect the future to be bright. Now, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. What can you get her? Bearing in mind that she is a million miles away.

We have made a small list of suggestions but before we get to that let’s have a look at whatKoream girlfriend Valentine’s Day is like in Korea.

In most places in the world, Valentines Day is about men celebrating women, taking them to dinner and giving them presents. It’s the legend of St Valentine that started this concept but it hasn’t hit Korea the same way. It is the women that give gifts to men in Korea but there is a day called White Day where the men get women presents. It is unclear how this holiday started but it is a long time tradition.

Next Step

Now that you are aware of the difference in how Valentines is celebrated, you may think that now you are off the hook. If you think about this, wouldn’t it be better if you got her something anyway? It is a way you can show her something about your culture. She would appreciate that.

Next Move

If you have made a decision to get something for her then here are some suggestions for gifts you can get your Korean girlfriend even if she is a million miles away. Prepare yourself – it ill get sappy and romantic from here on:

1. A song during a video conference.

If you aren’t the type that sings, then don’t worry. You can also pick a song you think expresses how you feel about her and just play it. Since a conference call costs you money, you can use Skype instead.

2. Surprise with a short video.

You can do a great small project and send it to her via email. What kind of project do we have in mind? One suggestion is writing romantic sentences on a piece of paper and use them as flash cards in the video. Even better would be to flash the cards when you have romantic music playing in the background.
This way is great if you aren’t too good at verbally expressing your feelings.

3. A day at the Spa.

This suggestion will cost you some money but if you have it to spend then offering your girlfriend a day at the Spa will definitely be appreciated. You can send her a printable voucher through email.

4. Chocolate

This is the last suggestion and also the most frequent gift given on both Valentines Day as well as White Day. If this option suits you the best then get your credit card and order a box online from a Korean company. Your Korean girlfriend will appreciate your effort.

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