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Ukrainian Dating ServicesOne can find all kinds of different ways to find love these days. Call it how you want – dating agency, bride agency, Ukrainian dating services, there’s no doubt you will find the service that you deserve. The dating business is escalating fast as more guys than ever are trying to find spouses overseas. The agencies have developed a new service called Romance Tours, an occasion for likely couples to learn more about each other. In case you have not been in the international dating world for too long, you could think that this is not really doable. People may find the idea of travelling to Ukraine and meeting women while taking a tour and seeing the sights too bizarre. Doesn’t it seem like too much trouble and also much more expensive than normal cyber dating? Well, yes, but we’re here to tell you that many western guys really want to go a step further to find the woman they have always dreamed of through one of these tours.

Inclusions/ Duration

Usually, these Ukrainian romance tours cover almost everything – from airport transfers to your accommodation to social functions to translators. Dating businesses are trying their best in order to give you the dating experience of a lifetime. All you have to do is find and date Ukrainian women. The duration of each tour differs and depends on the organization you have selected, but generally last around twelve to fourteen days.

Popular Locations

Ukraine is a well-known region among tourists who come to see the historical sights and beautiful scenery. Kiev, Odessa and Nikolaev are among the cities where many Ukrainian Romance Tours have been held. These regions are chosen because of their scenic spots, soiree destinations and, of course, the number of beautiful local ladies in the nearby area.


Different organizations offer various activities, so there’s no standard value for the  Ukrainian dating services. The price can range from two to five thousand dollars. There are, of course, special discounts available, like the early bird transaction, for example.  Most clients of the dating companies are from the US, nevertheless there are some non-US clients too. In cases like this, the client can purchase a land only package which includes everything but the flight tickets. In addition to the costs mentioned above – social activities, transfers, accommodation, etc, the tours can also include special offers like credits for services or membership discounts to the company’s website. Who knows, if you are lucky, they could even help with the processing of your sweetheart’s visa.

Choosing a Ukrainian Romance Tour

Choosing a romance tour is the exact same process as choosing your holiday package. You might want to ask yourself questions like:

-Which package will give me the perfect experience (with less hassle)?
-Which tour has the best reviews?
-Which tour package is not too expensive for me?

When choosing a romance tour, think of what you want to get out of this experience. Be assured, it will help you make your choice. Make sure you find out everything about what the package you’re paying for includes – the type of your hotel, planned activities, the meals that are served, etc. Besides finding the woman of your dreams, you also want to have the experience of a life time.

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