Tips on Winning over Chinese Women

If you’re dating a woman from the Orient, especially from China, you will have noticed how very different to local women they are. Not only in the way they look, Chinese women are also very different to women of other cultures in the way they act, speak and dress. When dating someone from a different culture, there are many ways both you and the lady have to adapt to the relationship. We bring you some easy ways for winning over Chinese women and maybe move into a serious relationship!

There are many ways for you to win the heart of your Chinese date. Due to the fact that they spend their lives in a country that has a very different culture, Chinese women have an exotic and mysterious feel. Due to their brought up, you may feel that they are very reserved and shy. Though that is the case sometimes, mostly they want to feel comfortable enough to be able to open up with you. Here are some tips on helping a Chinese woman open up to you:

Learn about Her Culture

One of the most important things you can do is to learn a little bit about her culture and country before the first date. This will give you both something to talk about and make her feel comfortable.

Be Polite

Always be polite and kind on a date. Being a gentleman will help you a lot. Open doors for her and pull out her chair at the restaurant. Remember not to pressure her into doing anything she doesn’t want or to answer any questions she doesn’t want to answer. When she feels comfortable that you aren’t pushing her, she will begin to open up.

Respect Her Family

When you go to pick her up, be very respectful and courteous towards her family. Chinese women grow up in a very tight-knit family culture and are very respectful towards their elders. When she sees you respect her family as if they are your own, she will see you in a new light.

Communicate with Her

Like every relationship, communication is the key to making it with a Chinese woman. They may not seem very responsive, but she is certainly listening to you. When she talks, give her your utmost attention. DO not look at your phone. When she talks to you, she trusts you. So value that trust.

Apart from this, remember that you aren’t the only person who has ever approached her, she is a beautiful woman and will certainly have been approached many times. Leave aside your ego and talk to her like an equal, with respect and care. She will certainly fall for you!

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