So you signed up to a Ukrainian online dating site and are actively looking for dates. Things are going slower than you expected, and now you’re wondering what can you do about it. This article offers you five great tips for making yourself more attractive to Ukrainian women. Look over these tips and do some homework yourself and you will quickly have luck in your dating life.

1. Dress up.

That is both for going on dates and taking pictures to add to your dating profile. Ukrainian women are very sought after in the online dating world and one of the reasons for it is that they always take care of their looks. They look after their health. They watch what they eat, and they work out. Since there are so used to living that way, they have started to expect similar things from guys as well. So don’t wear a simple t-shirt and jeans when you go out on dates. It just won’t cut it.

2. Confidence.

As a foreigner, there are many things to remember, so you don’t put yourself in embarrassing situations. Look for those where you can impress her. Brush up on your knowledge of the Ukrainian culture so you can participate in conversations relating to their culture.

3. Get to know her through her culture.

Everyone loves it when foreigners have done homework about their culture. Of course, until they don’t sound like a know-it-all. If possible, learn some phrases in her language. Definitely, do some learning.

4. Don’t flaunt your money.

Ukrainian women have already gained such a bad reputation for the mail-order-bride situation. Make sure that you don’t try to impress her with money. It would be inforcing the same idea, and that will put her off dating you.

5. Don’t rush.

Ukrainian women are used to being treated as ladies so don’t try to rush intimate things too much. That time in the relationship will come but not in the first five dates. Show that you are there for the long haul and not just looking for something short term. Unless you are. Then you need to be very upfront about it.

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