Tips for Dating a Vietnamese Girl – Follow to Find Perfect Lady

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Vietnam used to be one of the war torn parts of the world, but now it has begun to recover and become of the prettiest spots in the world. Not only is Vietnam famous for its cuisine, it is also well known for the beauty of its people. Dainty, sophisticated and fashionable women can be seen all over Vietnam. If you’re looking to meet and date a Vietnamese beauty, online dating is a viable choice. Of course, if you go to Vietnam yourself, that would be the best option. How the scenario plays out is based solely on you, but here are some tips on how to wine and dine a Vietnamese girl.

Tips for Dating a Vietnamese Girl

  • One of the best things you can do is to do some research about their country and the culture. Every woman appreciates someone who can talk on topics that they’re comfortable with. If you make the effort to learn about where they come from, they will feel important and valued in your eyes. It will also help you avoid any topics that might be controversial. So do your homework.
  • Compliment her as often as you can. Make sure your compliments are real and honest though. If you keep telling her that her hair looks perfect when its messed up in reality will make her feel bad when she sees it. She may think you’re dishonest, which leads us to our next tip.
  • Be honest. Answer her questions as honestly as you can. If she feels like she can trust you, then she will be willing to go out with you again. Being lied to makes Vietnamese women, and all women in general, feel disrespected. The best thing to do, if you feel that you cannot answer a question honestly, is to steer the conversation away to a different topic.
  • Never make a Vietnamese woman you cannot, or don’t plan to fulfill. Not only is that generally rude and disrespectful, Vietnamese women value promises a lot more than ordinary women. For them the promise is almost sacred. Breaking a promise to her will lead to broken trust and later issues.
  • Do not pressure them into something they do not want to do. Vietnamese girls have grown up in a strict culture and are mostly shy by nature. If you force them to do anything they are uncomfortable with or go somewhere they don’t want to, your blossoming romance will most probably shrivel up and die within minutes.
  • Make them smile and laugh. As mentioned in the tips for dating a Vietnamese girl above, these women have grown up in a strict culture and haven’t found a lot to laugh about. So if you can make them laugh, they’ll feel more comfortable around you and open up more.

So these are some tips for dating a Vietnamese girl that will help you find the perfect Vietnamese soul mate. Remember that the first girl you meet may not be the right one. Don’t get disheartened, but stay hopeful and keep trying. Wine and dine until you click with someone. If nothing else, you may make some great friends! Your soul mate is out there, you just have to find her!

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