Tips From on How NOT to Ruin a Date

So you have been chatting to your Asian beauty for quite some time now, the chemistry is bubbling away, and you have agreed to set a date for your first encounter. It is natural to be nervous, even us at Asian Date still get first date jitters when meeting a new lover for the first time so we have come up with a list of things NOT to do so you can be sure not to ruin this long-awaited opportunity.

Take it Easy With the Booze

asiandate-lady-laurenceIf you are meeting her at a bar or restaurant, by all means, take a drink or even share a bottle of wine with your date, but do keep track of the amount you are drinking. Do not get drunk. There is nothing more unattractive than a drunken man, slurring his words and stinking of whiskey. Be a gentleman and match her drinking pace being sure to take a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. Also, I would hope it goes without saying, but please, PLEASE do it turn up to your date already drunk as if you do, you can be sure that you will not be getting date number 2.

Be Punctual

Whether it is the first time you are meeting her or the 100th, please make every effort to ensure that you are always on time. Being late, even by a few minutes shows her that you have no respect for her and that you could not be bothered to plan your time effectively to ensure you don’t keep her waiting.

Take it Easy with Google

We are all guilty of looking up potential partners on Google and social media, but whatever you do, don’t let her know the extent of your late night online stalking sessions. Even if you know the birthdays of each of her cats, remember to act surprised when she tells you she has two of them, and most importantly be careful not to like her Instagram post of her pumpkin spiced latte from 2013. By all means, do you research but please do keep it to yourself.

No Talking About Your Ex

Exes are like bodily functions- we all have them, but no one else wants to hear about them. She may be horrible, she may have broken your heart, and you may still harbor feelings of unbridled resentment to her but trust me on this, your current date is not interested in hearing a blow-by-blow account of your previous relationship and subsequent breakup. The only thing that is more off-putting than someone who is not over their ex is someone who says derogatory or unpleasant things about them. The past is in the past, and that is where it should remain.

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