Things Women Love, But Will Never Admit To

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In today’s world, women are a force to be reckoned with; we have third wave feminists demanding equality for the female race and IVF rendering the male role in family life obsolete. You will read stories of women being offended at men opening doors for them or insisting on paying for dinner, so how do we know what is true and what is just the media? Read on to discover our guide to the things women love, but wouldn’t admit to.

Chivalrous Acts

I don’t care how forward thinking or modern your date is, all women like men to be chivalrous from time to time. Open doors, take her coat for her, insist on paying for dinner or at the very least, splitting the bill and treat her like a lady. These small touches all hint at thoughtfulness, good manners and a gentlemanly demeanour which no woman can resist.


Yes, it may be a cliche as old as the tradition of dating itself, but I guarantee you that all women love receiving flowers. Whether you opt for the classic red or pink roses or something a little more seasonal and fresh, you can be sure that a flower or two will be a wonderful ice breaker and show her that you have put some thought and effort into the meeting, rather than just rushing from work or the gym.

Taking Her to a Romantic Restaurant

You might get the impression that women these days want to go rock climbing or to a poetry recital on a first date. The truth is, if you choose a stylish, quiet restaurant with a great ambience and a superb reputation she will be equally impressed, you can get to know each other over good food and drink, in a relaxed and intimate environment. A swanky restaurant might be a cliche, but it does work.

Leaving a Few Days Before You Call Her

Women profess to hate this, and to be fair there is a fine line between calling too soon and leaving it too long, you want to leave it just long enough so that she is excited when you do call, but long enough so you don’t seem clingy. The ok oh thing more unattractive than being clingy is aloofness and arrogance so be sure not to leave it for longer than two, maximum three days.

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