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Myths and Realities of the Asian Culture

Everybody is guilty of having preconceptions about cultures other than their own. It can easily be blamed on media because of how they project different cultures. Usually, the tv shows, animations, comics and even commercials are full of stereotypes. What people don’t often realize is that we share a part of the blame as well. We could reach high-quality sources and learn about other cultures ourselves. That is where this article comes in – we will take a look at myths and realities of the Asian culture. read more


Asia is a melting pot of plenty of traditional and modern day values. Out of that has developed Asia’s own very original dating flavour. We are used to the standard Western dating ways but here are a few interesting Asian dating rituals that are practices in the Far East countries.

Practice 1. – Hundred day celebrations Asian dating read more


Everyone has preconceptions about cultures that are different from their own. You can easily blame it on media: most of what we learn about other cultures comes to us via the TV, comic books, radio shows, commercials and cartoons. That includes the Asian culture. In this article we explain 5 of the most common myths about the Asian culture. read more

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