Are Some Stereotypes About Russian Women True?

We have all heard a stereotype or two about Russian women. For example, that the ones that are into online dating are gold diggers or that they are unbelievably superstitious. Is there any truth to any of these stereotypes? In this article, we take a look at what are the most common ways Russian women are perceived and which of them are accurate and which aren’t. Let’s take a look.

1. They always dress to impress.

Russian womenThis stereotype is entirely true – Russian women care a lot about appearance and showing off their feminine side. They always make an effort and you won’t be catching them taking a break from it. Dressing to the nines, hitting the gym, focusing on healthy eating – all that just to look their best. If you are interested in dating them, then know that they expect men to dress well as well. So, smart casual it is, when you go out with them.

2. They are very patriotic.

That is also true so if you were thinking of cracking a joke or two about Russian history or current politics then forget it. Russian women won’t have any of it, and you won’t be getting another date again. They are patriots through and through. On this note, if you want to be successful with dating them then it isn’t a bad idea to learn a thing or two about the country. You will have something to talk about.

3. Russian women are superstitious.

Another fact. The whole culture is full of different superstitions, most of them focused on love and relationships. Not a bad idea to gain some knowledge in this area aswell. For example, you can’t bring them an even number of flowers because those are only meant for funerals and memorials. Also, you can’t bring them yellow flowers – that has negative consequences as well.

4. Love for vodka.

Russians and vodka are married together when it comes to stereotyping. However, not everyone indulges in this custom. Sure, you will find a bottle on the table whenever there is a reason to celebrate something in Russia, but not everyone touches it. The women that do drink vodka are known to hold their own – they can drink you under the table. It is the experience that counts here. But don’t offer your Russian date any when you go out. Let her inform you if she even likes it.

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