Stereotypes About Asian Ladies That Are True

We have all heard of some stereotypes that apply to one group or another. Some of them are positive; others are negative. When dating Asian ladies, it would be helpful if you know what some of the most common stereotypes are so you can avoid bringing something up or know when the right time is to bring it up. We are here to give you a better understanding of some stereotypes revolving around Asian ladies. Let’s take a closer look:

1. They are excellent in school.

Asian ladiesThat is a very accurate statement. Education is the number one value in Asia. It is the highest priority, and one’s social status plays no role here – passing school with an excellent report is a must for all students. There is a lot of pressure put on people in Asia; the parents make sure their children do well in school and after that in college. Note that there isn’t much dating that goes on when a person is in school. The ladies start dating more seriously when they are done with their studies.

2. They are hard workers.

Another fact. Nothing else could stem from their educational background other than a perfect work ethic. They put a lot of others to shame with their ability to work hard. A lot of pride is tied into work in Asia; it is a source of self-respect as well as a way to be respected in society. We can all learn something from their high standards.

3. They don’t have an issue with doing chores.

Us, Westerners, allow ourselves to complain when there is something that needs to be done around the house, but in Asia it is different. People consider having a home a privilege and complaining couldn’t be further from their mind. Women are still seen as the ones responsible for taking care of the household and men pitch in with money. Gender roles have not changed much in this region.


These are only a few of the stereotypes about Asian ladies that are accurate and there is more research to be done on your part. However, this article should give you a pretty good idea about what these ladies are like and armed with information; you can make your dating more successful.

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