romantic places to visit in Europe

Most people love to travel to different locations. If you happen to be dating an Eastern European girl(online or offline) it may be even more so. Asking her to join you for a romantic getaway will definitely score you some points. So what are some of the best romantic places to visit in Europe?

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Dubrovnik

romantic places to visit in EuropeWhere is this place and why do you view it as romantic? Dubrovnik is an old city in Croatia. This place is seen as a romantic spot because it has been voted one of the most gorgeous towns in Mediterranean. With stunning architecture, breath-taking views and lovely cafes in adorable old towns make this the perfect location.

2. Prague

Who wouldn’t want to visit Prague? The city has outstanding medieval architecture, must-see castles that can make her feel special. It is a wonderful place where to show off your romantic side – you can be the perfect prince and treat her like a princess.

3. Poland

Poland may not ring too many bells for you but if you make an effort and have a closer look – you will definitely notice there is a vibe.
Chelmno is an ancient city with plenty of medieval charm. You will find several hotels that offer traditional luxury – one of such places is the Bursztynowy Palace.

4. Ukraine

Why Ukraine you may ask? You will be surprised at what this place has to offer – wonderful small towns, plenty of beautiful castles, stunning beaches and – the love tunnel. These places may even seem too good to be true.

5. Budapest

Several hotels in Budapest are perfect for romantic getaways and vacations. Having a great candle-lit dinner with an amazing view of the Danube at the Four Seasons Hotel Budapest Riverviews is definitely a great way to spend an evening. There are plenty of other street side restaurants you can have meals after romantic walks by the great rives.

Pick What You Like

There are plenty amazing places in Eastern Europe. Do a little research and pick the perfect place for your romantic vacation – maybe even the best spot to pop the question.

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