How to Protect Yourself From Online Dating Scams

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to online dating when looking for a partner. That has lead to more than 1500 websites that offer dating services, and online dating has become a huge industry. And in any industry, there are people with bad intentions looking to take advantage of others. So, how can you protect yourself from the various online dating scams out there? Let’s take a look at some expert advice.

online datingIt isn’t a good idea to pursue a long-distance relationship with someone you have never met in person. Numbers show that staying local is the best way to reduce your chances of being scammed. Most scammers go for victims outside their areas because it enables them to avoid being caught.

Do not share personal data with someone before you meet face to face and have begun trusting the person. Wanting to share every little thing about yourself with a person you find attractive is understandable but nevertheless, shouldn’t be done. That is exactly what the scammers want to happen.

Google the information you have received from potential matches. Copy and paste things such as pictures or email addresses to Google and see if anything suspicious comes about. Often scammers use the same image with a different name on various sites.

Opt for paid online dating sites. They always have a strict anti-scam policy and a customer care team you can turn to when you come across a problem.

Don’t open any attachments sent by a stranger. Opening an attachment that says it contains a photo can lead to you unwittingly allowing a virus to take over your computer.

Do not send money to anyone you have met via online dating. The way these people ask money is always predictable. It is a series of sob stories starting from how they can’t pay their rent and are getting kicked out to how they can’t afford to pay their grandma’s hospital bills.

Safety First

Online dating is the second most common way couples meet these days, but it has its dangers. Remember the tips we provided and always be on guard to steer clear from any online dating scams.

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