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Polish women want to date you now! Find out how to attract their attention and keep them interested by reading our introduction to international dating.

Dating a Polish Woman: Tips To Make Your Life Easier

If you have been disappointed in all your previous relationships and are now struggling to find a new partner, maybe you should try dating a Polish woman instead. Anyway, no one has ever said that finding a suitable partner is simple, so why not get new experiences while you’re looking for that perfect woman. Even though dating foreign women may sound complicated, it’s not that difficult at all, since the dating rules are actually pretty much the same. Below is a list of tips for dating which can be applied to dating a Polish woman too! read more


Polish women are very high on the list of women Western men are interested in meeting. This article offers you a sneak peek into to the world of Polish dating and has a list of fun facts and tips to help you understand the basics of it.

1. Polish Society is Still Conservative

Poland is a very traditional and religious country and gender roles are still largely at play there. That could be one of the reasons that Polish women wouldn’t mind moving abroad. Also the population is ageing since man families decide to have only one child. The older generation has very conservative values and the younger generation is much more open minded. Your way to getting close to one of these women is taking a path somewhere between the two. The women are interested in a serious relationship but don’t necessarily want someone ultra conservative. Your Date in Poland read more

Winning Your Date in Poland – Is that possible?

Poland is becoming westernized and many women have more liberal attitudes than in the past. That said, Poland still has quite a lot of patriarchal attitudes which has some effect on the way you should play the dating game.

Gender Roles

Traditionally, Polish men like to feel that they are strong and in control. This means that they are very protective towards women. Opening doors, paying for the meal and giving presents are cultural behaviors expected of men. You certainly won’t impress if you expect a lady to buy her own tickets, pay her share of the meal or open the car door. Be gallant. Be a little old-fashioned. You are more likely to impress. read more

Some Simple Tips to Get a Polish Woman ’s Heart

One of the most important events for a man whom he loves to experience in his life is going out on a date. A person always dreams about the date. Out of everything the most essential element is having that someone special by your side for the memorable event.

The guys whether Americans or French, tends to find a girl who not only looks beautiful but should also prove to be a great wife. Polish girls are best in this regard for the guys looking for a sincere and serious relationship. Guys who can get a Polish girl for dating are considered to be lucky. However one should also prove to be a deserving guy for that Polish girlfriend. Dating is an important event to give an everlasting impression on your girlfriend. read more

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