We have already discussed the dating etiquette with Chinese womenChinese Women in some earlier posts. This post is basically part 2 that focuses on explaining physical relationships with a Chinese woman.

First of all, as you know, in the West this is seen as a part of the norm. Two people fall in love and they don’t spend too much time waiting for the right time to get into the physical intimacy sphere. They mostly don’t wait until they’re married. They are much more liberated in their thinking. In China, however, the concept of intimacy after marriage is still very important.

Women are Interested

Saying all that, it doesn’t mean that the Chinese woman you’re into doesn’t want to get more personal with you. Some of them are even eager to get physically close with someone they love. At times you can observe them giving off very strong hints. It is normal for the smitten Chinese women to behave like that but there are factors that keep her from letting herself free. The culture, the traditions, respecting their family and so on.

When They Give in

In some instances the woman will say yes to physical intimacy. It is however not like a one-night stand is in the more free parts of the world. In China physical intimacy means you are taking the person seriously enough to marry them so you need to be aware of this. Be very clear and honest about your intentions and never let a Chinese woman on.

Getting Serious

Some women are exceptions of course. All they want is to spend time with you since they are open to the idea of not setting everything in stone. Other than physical intimacy another hint that things are getting more serious is when the woman wants to introduce you to her friends. It’s even more serious if she wants to introduce you to her mother. That makes thing plain official. If you’re not too into this idea then you need to let her know at the beginning.

Word of Caution

Our advice to you is not to try to get physically intimate with Chinese women right away. At least not when you haven’t made your intentions completely clear. If you want to build a life with this person then by all means have a go at it. If not then move on to someone else but don’t let these women on.
We have more articles for online dating tips coming up so check back with us soon.

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