Overcoming Social Stigma in an Interracial Relationship

impress a Chinese womanEmbarking on an interracial relationship is a fun and exciting thing. An opportunity to learn more about a new person, a new culture and a new way of life and to seamlessly fuse it with your own. At least that is the theory. In practice, being in a cross-cultural relationship involves having no negotiate a minefield of differences, challenges and often, other people’s negative opinions or preconceptions. read more

Tips From AsianDate.com on How NOT to Ruin a Date

So you have been chatting to your Asian beauty for quite some time now, the chemistry is bubbling away, and you have agreed to set a date for your first encounter. It is natural to be nervous, even us at Asian Date still get first date jitters when meeting a new lover for the first time so we have come up with a list of things NOT to do so you can be sure not to ruin this long-awaited opportunity. read more

The Asian Date Guide to Cultural Differences When Dating

Interracial and cross-cultural dating can be a social and emotional minefield. The coming together of two cultures is a beautiful thing. Only without awareness of subtle social nuances and differences, these relationships can be prone to problems. At Asiandate.com we are very aware of these scenarios and can help guide you to ensure you can navigate any potential pitfalls with ease and decorum. read more

Dating in Asia: Customs to Know About

A lot of Western men are interested in dating in Asia. That has been made a lot easier thanks to a number of online dating portals that offer international dating services. What too many people forget, though, is that when they date outside their culture, having knowledge of their date’s culture is important. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at what you need to know before dating in Asia. read more

Dating Asian Women: Where to Take Her on the First Date

It is no secret that first dates can be stressful. It is the first peek we get into who your date is and if there is any real spark. We all want to leave a good first impression, and if you are dating outside your culture, it becomes even more important. In today’s article, we are focusing on the topic of Western guys dating Asian women. So, you have asked someone out and are wondering where to take her on the first date. Here are some suggestions: read more