Overcoming Social Stigma in an Interracial Relationship

impress a Chinese womanEmbarking on an interracial relationship is a fun and exciting thing. An opportunity to learn more about a new person, a new culture and a new way of life and to seamlessly fuse it with your own. At least that is the theory. In practice, being in a cross-cultural relationship involves having no negotiate a minefield of differences, challenges and often, other people’s negative opinions or preconceptions.

Everyone Has Something to Say

You will discover that friends, family, and colleagues will add wade in with their point of view, regardless of whether you asked for it or not. These opinions can vary from questions on religion and the bringing up of any future children to downright racist remarks born of ignorance and lack of understanding. An interracial relationship is hard work as it is, without having the added pressure of people close to you not being supportive.

What To Do About It

So how do you overcome it? The key to this is remembering that although they may be wrong, these people only have your best interests at heart. The reality is there are only two people in your relationship, you and your partners and that are all that matters. If you two can overcome any language barriers and social or spiritual differences, then that is the most important thing. Do not listen to people who do not understand the strength of your feelings for one another.

Staying Strong

It can be difficult not to take these feelings to hurt, but it is imperative that you remember they are only opinions and they should in no way influence you or the way that you feel. If you find someone’s comments and unsolicited views are causing problems in your relationship, or playing on your mind, you are well within your rights to say so and to explain that while you thank them for their advice, you are an adult and are capable of making the best decisions for your life.

Remember that sometimes the unhelpful comments can be due to nothing more than jealousy and a desire to have what you have. Do not let them win, and instead, put your effort into building a strong, loving and mutually respectful relationship with your partner, regardless of heritage or race.

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