Online Dating Battle Royale! Court Dispute between Two Sites Ends up in Federal Court

Two internet sites, offering online dating sites services, took each other to Federal Court

The two internet sites are battling it out in New York City’s Federal Court, just where Anastasia International has accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with false advertising, violation of Anastasia’s trademark and attempting to fabricate fictitious recommendations against the web site. Anastasia is a U.S based online dating organization, whilst EM Online is an Australian based dating web page. Both of them, nonetheless, target the American market. So, one can possibly observe how both are fighting for the exact same market.

“The company leading this lawsuit, Anastasia, offer a service in which males from the United States are matched with girls from The Russian Federation or Ukraine. Probably the most targeted section of the states is NYC”, states the statement. “EM Online directly infringes upon Anastasia’s market. As a result of our analysis, it has become clear that ‘anastasiadatefraud’ and ‘’ are both websites produced by Elena’s Models to put a stain on Anastasia’s good reputation . These two websites disguise the identity of their owners by using a proxy service. To make matters more dubious, these websites reroute anyone who is viewing them to These websites try to put Anastasia in a bad light by blaming the site of fraud to its clients, due to the site “being a scam”, and then suggests Elena’s Models as an alternative. “The website proposes to show extracts from e-mails authored by women with profiles on The e-mail extracts all have a common message – the women featured on aren’t truly looking for a relationship with men from the United States, but alternatively are contract workers paid to correspond with Anastasia clients and break their hearts. These claims are false, and the email messages from the women seem to be fake. Anastasiadate’s customers are guaranteed that the women they’re talking with are 100% authentic women.”Online Dating

The complaint states that EM Online are voluntarily false advertising, since they know that what they are saying is bogus, and that the email messages were composed with the sole intent of wrongly preventing Anastasiadate’s business. Quite unjustly, Elena’s Models is using to ward off any competition so that it can prosper at their expense. “The website, whilst pretending to be an independently developed forum for the exchange of information about international online dating services, in fact is just picking and posting negative details about Elena’s Models’ competitors (including Anastasia) and reviews that are positive about Elena’s Models service. Nothing about Anastasiadate is valid on this site, since it is fairly evident that the details have been meddled with to shun a negative light on Anastasiadate,” as is written on the complaint.

According to Anastasia, has also made unlawful utilisation of the branded logo to attract customers. “Through self referential tags, while using Anastasia’s trademarks, the websites are now linked to Anastasiadate, which has made them popular search engine results,” the complaint states. Anastasiadate, needlessly to say, are pressing for charges. Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn’s Richard C. Yeskoo is standing for the plaintiff.

Anastasiadate’s services include interacting with ” the world’s most breathtaking females!” “Few other international dating site comes close,” the site claims. The meta description is “your quickest way to a stack of replies, genuine and caring women, 24/7 customer service and security.”

An anonymous writer, posting on, claims to know every secret behind Anastasiadate. Anastasiadate pays women to log in and pose as single women trying to find love, and are paid to do so by the same company, according to him. A woman form Ukraine told him this info, which is why he’s now exposing it to the world. He remarks the third-party agencies offer women “high cash flow and versatile schedule” to email and chat with American men. The only real listed requirements are to be 18 or older, to know English, and to know how to make use of a computer, according to the website.

This writer claims the girl he corresponded with advised him to subscribe to Elena’s Models, calling it “a professional site.”

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