Offline Advice – Six Things to Know About Dating Asian Women

dating asian women

Let’s say you are someone who is interested in dating Asian women but you have no clue how to behave around them or what to say to get them to go out with you. Are you supposed to ask her out right away? How to approach her? Are you supposed to buy drinks? No worries – we have got the answers. dating Philippines women

Before we get into all of that you need to keep in mind that there are two types of Asian women:

Native-Asian Women – Born and raised in their native land. Their attitude, ideals and beliefs are very influenced by the local culture. This is the type who’s attention we’re getting today.

American-Asian Woman – Their family moved to the States when they were very young. They grew up in the West and are therefore very likely to uphold the values of that culture. This type is a subject for another day since getting attention from American-Asian women is quite different.

If you haven’t said hello yet:

1. Smile kindly and then look away.
This makes sense at any casual place like at a cafe or library. Let’s say you happen to see someone very attractive at a place you frequent. You can catch her eye by smiling at her. Try to not do it too often because it may come across creepy if you smile at her every two seconds. Your next move is based on how she reacts.

2. Buying drinks.
Another great idea if you happen to be somewhere casual. You can buy her and her friends coffee and send it over with a waiter who can tell them the coffee is from you. That is a very movie-like move and will definitely catch her attention.

3. Asking for directions.
This makes sense if you’re wondering the streets doing some sightseeing somewhere in Asia. It also makes sense when you don’t happen to be lost. Asian women don’t mind helping people with directions if they are approached correctly. Correct means in a non-threatening manner.

If you are already talking to her:

1.Be yourself and act natural
It’s not a good idea to be cocky in any way. Asian women aren’t used to the typical American tough guy act so drop the act. Be confident but not too over the top.

2. Ask questions.
Paying attention means also getting attention. When you’ve started the conversation ask questions about her life. Encourage her to open up more but don’t bombard her too much. Also respond to the same questions yourself.

3. Ask her out.
After saying hello, the clock starts ticking meaning you only get a small time window to talk to that Asian girl. Have a short conversation and ask her out.

It May be a Hit or a Miss
First dates may be difficult with these girls since Asians typically only date in their circle of friends. Be a perfect gentleman and show her that you’re a good guy and things should go smoothly.

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