What Should You Not Discuss with Your Vietnamese Girlfriend

Vietnamese Girlfriend

In any relationship, there are some topics that are usually considered off the limits and both partners must refrain from discussing such topics/ideas. There are many reasons these topics are considered taboo. There may be a family issue, a personal issue, insecurities, something that is painful to remember or some other reason. The fact is, there are always some aspects that you should never discuss with your girlfriend. There might be much more that you would like to ask her or you might want to know about. There can be many reasons for doing that too. Maybe you simply are curious and want to know more about the past but you must know that how your loved one feels about it. You are advised not talk about war with your beloved girlfriend if she is from Vietnam. People of Vietnam have faced many hardships because of the war for years and years. This is a topic that can make your Vietnamese girlfriend upset more than you can think of.

If your girlfriend is Vietnamese, there is a chance that she may have been one of the directly affected people of the war. She may have lost a loved one or might have gotten hurt herself during some of the worst wars in history. She may have lost her parents, siblings, grandparents. If you mention the war to her, more likely she will fall back to remembering a painful time in her history and that will upset her very badly. For most people from Vietnam, it has been very difficult to let the past go out of their memories. There are many people out there whose dreams are still haunted by the war. So what sense does it make to mention it to your Vietnamese girlfriend and make her relive a painful time?

If you try to talk to your Vietnamese girlfriend about the war, you may be initiating a fight. After all, what you’re doing is basically prying into her past, trying to make her revive her painful memories. Even if she wasn’t directly or personally affected by the war, it was still waged on her homeland. Her patriotic spirit will be hurt in one way or the other while discussing such issue. So find some of the topics that you can discuss with your Vietnamese girlfriend to please her and make her a happy person. You should always respect her feelings and refrain from mentioning anything that may evoke painful memories of her past.

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