Myths and Realities of the Asian Culture

Everybody is guilty of having preconceptions about cultures other than their own. It can easily be blamed on media because of how they project different cultures. Usually, the tv shows, animations, comics and even commercials are full of stereotypes. What people don’t often realize is that we share a part of the blame as well. We could reach high-quality sources and learn about other cultures ourselves. That is where this article comes in – we will take a look at myths and realities of the Asian culture.

1. Everybody knows martial arts.

Asian cultureThis just isn’t true. There are plenty of martial arts schools in Asia, but a lot of them are closing their doors due to the lack of students. Various Asian cultures still love martial arts, and there will be many more movies where they are depicted, but that doesn’t mean every person lives that lifestyle. After all, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee are only two people.

2. All Asians are great at math.

Untrue. Asians, like all countries, have diversity and its people have different skills. Not everyone is great at sports; not everyone can cook a great meal. This stereotype has an interesting background. It is thought to stem from the fact that so many Asians run small businesses. Because those people deal with computing on a daily basis, they have gotten really good at it. But that does not apply to all Asian folk.

3. They all eat dog meat.

This is an unfortunate misconception. While there are regions in Asia where dog meat is considered a delicacy, there are still others that have no interest in it what so ever. A word of advice: while this can be an interesting topic, never ask an Asian person if they have ever eaten it. They get these questions much too often, and nobody wants to be reduced to a simple stereotype.

4. Men are more valued than women.

This is still partly true. A lot of Asian countries are very conservative, and ancient gender roles are still in place. The mentality is largely that the men go out, get a job and finance the family life. Women are supposed to put off any idea of a career and focus on taking care of the home and the children. A lot of laws still dictate that only males can inherit property and men are more valued as workers. Things are slowly changing in big cities, but the Asian culture, in general, has a long way to go in this area.

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