Meeting the Parents of Your Ukrainian Lady

There are various stages to every relationship and it certainly is the same when you date a Ukrainian lady. You start with the “learning more about each other” phase. Then next comes the romantic stage where you become more attached and intimate to each other. And, afterwards, it should be wedding bells, right? Nope. It’s very important to Ukrainian families that you get to know the family of the woman first before you plan the engagement or the wedding.

Most Europeans value their families beyond anything else so you would have to make extra effort and take time to get to know them properly. This is even more true among Ukrainian ladies. Meeting the whole family is a big deal to them and therefore it has to be done right.

Ukrainian LadyIt does sound a bit stressful to meet the entire family of your girlfriend, but you shouldn’t worry too much! Listed here are some easy but important tips you could consider when meeting the family of your wife to be:

Tip # 1: Look Your Best

When dating a Ukrainian lady, you need to know that you must be dressed in smart casual clothes. Her family will appreciate it too. Although they may not be alarmed when you pair spots and stripes in oneoutfit, what they will be more worried about is if you’re a good enough man for their daughter. Make sure that you appear good, decent, and confident in what you are wearing. Dress accordingly, shave, get a haircut, etc.

Tip # 2: Uphold the tradition of bringing something

Offering gifts is a tradition in Ukraine and most European countries. One great choice is a bouquet of flowers for her mom. It’s a nice gesture and yo ‘d must admit that any woman would cherish a bouquet of flowers any day of the week.

You may give her father a bottle of red or white wine or spirits. For certain, he will appreciate it and he may even ask you to share a few glasses of liquor on that same night.

Tip # 3: Be sociable

Parents will always feel pleased and proud if others let them know that they did a great job in raising their children or daughter. You must not neglect this when you see them. Pay their daughter compliments and let them understand why you fell in love with her. This just demonstrates how well you know their daughter and how truthful your intentions and interests are.

Tip # 4: Work your natural charm

Being charming can be practiced even when you are not that good looking. That’s it! You just need to be confident and speak intelligently all throughout your date. Don’t be quiet, instead, offer to help, ask questions, pay compliments, pay attention, interact with others and so forth. Everyone will love you for it!

Last but not least

Most importantly, just be sincere and be yourself. Don’t overdo it and don’t fake your way into it. If you are nice and your intents are clear, every parent will see that and will grant you their love and full support.

Alex Vidal

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