Japanese women

The number of Japanese women dating foreign men has been growing in the recent decades both in the online and offline sphere. It seems as if most Japanese ladies prefer dating someone from a completely different race and culture. There can be a couple of very obvious reasons behind this idea but today’s post reveals what are the top 3 reasons Japanese women do this.

Reason 1. – Foreign men show more affection. 

This is a major cultural difference between Asian and Western men. In the Japanese culture it is acceptable for the men to be rather cold and distant. The women can’t expect their Japanese counterpart to act out scenes from beautiful romantic movies. We don’t mean to say that these guys are emotionless but it is simply normal in that part of the world. On the other hand, foreign guys are much more open and romantic. For them it is acceptable to show affection with gestures: flowers, early morning texts, chocolates and surprise dates.

Reason 2. – Foreign men are more liberal with gender roles.

Gender roles in Japan are changing a bit but still going strong. There’s still an expectation that once a woman starts a family, she will give up her education and career to take better care of the husband and kids. It is unfortunate but especially in that culture, the women still fulfill certain roles in society.

That’s not something that is always going to happen when they marry a foreign guy. Lots of Western men accept the woman’s desire to get a great education and focus on her career. Having children can be worked into this equation and guys know how to be supportive.

Reason 3. – Foreign guys don’t work so many hours.

We’re not implying that Japanese men work all day plus overtime all the time. But it is very well known that the Japanese are somewhat workaholics – the focus on putting in a ton of hours at the office plus after work it is acceptable to go out with clients to have a few drinks. It is deeply embedded into the Japanese working life and the women know this but they still often wish that the men would spend more time with them.

In the West it is more common for the guys to make efforts to have time to spend with their loved ones. Family is a tad bit more important for foreign guys.

Not surprising, is it?

If you look at these three reasons you see it isn’t a surprise that Japanese women love the idea of dating foreign guys. As you’ve probably noticed they take the initiative to sign up on many dating sites just to try out their luck!

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