Issues an Online Dating Company Might Face

Two web sites, that offer online dating sites services, have taken one another to the Federal Court.

Online dating site Anastasia International accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with brand name transgression, mistaken advertising, tortious interference and unfair competition, in the New York Federal Court. For their webpage, Anastasia employs the internet domain names Anastasiadate in addition to Despite the belief that EM Online are U.S based, they’re really headquartered in Australia.

“The Complaintant provides an online dating service which, for a small fee, matches men in America with girls in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. New York City has the biggest market for Anastasia”, the plaintiff states. “Subsequently, the two website pages target the identical spot, consequently both of these are competing for similar prospective buyers, with regards to the U.S Market. “Based upon details and belief, Elena’s Models manages or sponsors internet websites titled ‘’ and ‘'”. The websites’ owners can not be determined due to a proxy service being utilized, which makes things suspicious to put it mildly. To make matters much more suspicious, these websites redirect whomever is viewing them to The basis of the fake marketing allegation stands because of the fact that the two websites accuse Anastasiadate of cautiously and indefinitely ripping off customers and deceive their potential customers when buying their services, after which will continue to state that the accused,, is a totally safe and reliable dating site. “The web site is intended to reveal and expose email messages composed by the girls who have accounts on The e-mails are recurring, and report that women shown on aren’t really women searching for love, according to they are really ladies who are paid to chat with men The emails look to be quite fake, and so could be charged with false advertising. Anastasiadate’s main priority is to ensure that all the females in the site’s service are legitimate girls who are looking for love.”Online Dating

Elena’s Models knows the claims it makes on anastasiadatefraud are not true, and had the emails written particularly to hurt Anastasia’s business, the complaint states. Anastasia claims Elena’s uses the web site to showcase its very own company and release bogus, harmful information regarding competitors. “The website, whilst pretending to be an independently made forum for the exchange of information about international online dating services, in fact is only choosing and submitting negative information about Elena’s Models’ competitors (including Anastasia) and reviews that are positive about Elena’s Models service. The site contains false information about customers’ use of the Anastasiadate service which .. has been manufactured by Elena’s Models,” the complaint states. has dishonestly used aspects of Anastasia’s copyrighted logo, as outlined by Anastasia. “Through self referential tags, while using Anastasia’s trademarks, the websites are now linked to Anastasiadate, which has made them popular search engine results,” according to the complaint. Anastasiadate are seeking a cease and desist charge for the actions of EM Online. It is represented by Richard C. Yeskoo with Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn. gives American men the chance to meet “some of the globe’s most desirable girls!” “Anastasiadate provides the world’s ultimate dating service,” according to the site. The meta description is “your speediest way to a collection of responses, authentic and affectionate girls, 24/7 customer care and security.”

An anonymous writer, posting on, claims to know every secret behind Anastasiadate. He claims Anastasiadate pays third-party agencies to employ “girls” who are paid out to connect with customers. He knows this just because a Ukrainian woman that had been chatting with him actually revealed these secrets. For chatting and emailing men, they are promised a high salary and other benefits. The only listed requirements are to be 18 or older, to understand English, and also to know how to use a computer, according to the website.

According to the same writer, the lady recommended Elena’s Models since, according to her, was a much more professional site.

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