International Dating: How to Seduce your new love


It is a known fact that a lot of international dating relationships start online. You exchange tons of emails, chat regularly several times during the week, and you pretty much think that you know enough about each other. Because of this, you’re very confident that the moment you meet in person, you can just pick up the conversation where you left off the last time you Skyped. This is what you call slacking off.

Don’t assume that you have it going once you and that hot babe you’ve been online dating for weeks or months agree to meet up in person at last. In fact, this is the time when you have to step up your game.

Whilst you have previously been communicating with words, once you meet in person factors like body language enter into the equation.  Here are three things to remember if you want to keep the seduction game leap off from your computer screen into the real world.

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Start with light and playful flirting

No matter how long you have been communicating online, it is always best to start light and playful. This will establish the comfort level you’ll have in each other’s presence. Playful flirting will communicate your intention that you’re into her sexually without putting her on the defensive. Use both verbal and visual cues to get that intention across. Keep in mind that she knows she’s hot so you’ve got to know how to tell her she’s beautiful in more creative ways.

Move on to light body contact

Once you got that nice playful flirting going, transition to establishing body contact in a subtle way. Don’t hesitate; lead the way. As someone who knows his way around free international dating sites, you should know by now that women find it a turn on to see a confident man in action.

When making body contact, make it casual and brief. Doing so will make her anticipate your next actions some more. You don’t have to think long and hard on what to do – it can be as simple as leaning in and lightly touching her knee when you talk to her. This is quite effective when you are in a noisy club and you have to be really close to hear each other. When she’s anticipating the next moment your fingers graze on her skin, it is a sure sign that your online attraction can transition into real life passion.

Escalate the sensual energy gradually

Unless you are one of those couples who’ve felt the sexual energy the second you laid eyes on each other, with both agreeing simultaneously, verbally or otherwise, to do the opposite of going slow, it is often best to enjoy the process of gradually escalating the playful flirtatious mood into sexual tension.

Adding sexual energy won’t be that difficult once you two have been making light body contact. Touch her on the arm or the tip of her nose while exchanging some flirtatious banter. Making your lips touch her earlobe while you softly whisper something to her ear will also work in making her want you to touch her some more.

With the connection that you have established online intensified during your face to face meeting by using these steps, you will be on your way to realizing what a lot of people have dreamed of: a successful relationship that began with international dating.

Alex Vidal

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