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First dates can be very stressful since they are the first peek into who your date is and if there is a true spark. Everyone wants to leave great first impression and if you are a guy trying to date an Asian woman then the pressure is on even more. There are certain things that are appropriate and others that aren’t when dating these ladies. In Asia, taking a girl to a coffee shop or a restaurant is getting old. You want to try being more adventurous than that. See what you think of these first date ideas.

1. A Day at a Theme Park

It is a common mistake to think that theme parks are only suitable for children. There are plenty of places that suit adults as well. You can enjoy an active day with someone you like, you can go on rides, eat great food, participate in games and so on. This kind of a date is a AsianDate lady Jiajia from Chinalot of fun and creates an atmosphere where there is a lot less pressure than there would be otherwise.

2. A Day at an Aquarium, a Zoo or an Ecopark

Enjoying a nice walk in nature is divine. Imagine observing marine life you never knew even existed. What a great way to spend time and get to know someone. Walking through a lush garden in an ecopark is nothing short of incredibly romantic. That eases the stress of the first date since you can focus on your surroundings when you feel like you’ve ran out of things to say or get nervous for a second.

3. A Musical or a Play

Asian women are very much interested in culture so taking them to a musical or a play is definitely appreciated. This date can be followed up with a dinner or coffee so you can share your impressions of the play or musical you just enjoyed. There is nothing like common ground to get the conversation flowing.

4. Wall Climbing

Staying with the active theme – why not ask your date to go wall climbing on your date. A great way to learn about someone is to get them to do something challenging with you. You can enjoy your time and support each other in this fun activity. Another reason to pick this idea is that you can follow it up with an invitation to get a bite to eat. Like with the previous point, you can discuss your experience over food and drinks.


These ideas for a first date with an Asian woman suits you perfect if you happen to be an active guy. This shows the ladies that you are adventurous, interesting and daring. You are bound to win someone’s heart like this. Good luck on your first dates!

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