This article is for guys who are in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman and it happens to be a long distance relationship. It is a challenge. You two live so far apart, and it is on your shoulders to keep her happy. This article offers some useful tips for accomplishing just that. Try the following:

1. Surprise her with presents.

Ukrainian girlfriendA very basic idea but it works perfectly. Thanks to the advancements in technology not only can you live chat, make video calls and send texts whenever you can also set up sending a gift halfway around the world. There are several reasons why sending a gift is a great idea. The one that stands out the most is the fact that a physical item will remind her of you much more.
If you are using an online dating service – check if they have a Gifts’ section – they will deliver presents for you.

What should you get her:

a)Flowers are romantic. Especially with Easter-European women.
b)A stuffed animal. It isn’t corny though it sounds like that – consider it a temporary substitute for you.
c)Chocolate – a classic.
d)A bottle of scent – a thoughtful gift that scores you points.

2. Handwritten letters.

Another thing that is incredibly romantic and will score points is handwriting a letter. Sending an email or a text is much more common these days. Not to mention that it’s convenient, but comfort isn’t the goal is. The goal is to keep your girl happy. A nice touch would be to have someone take a picture of you writing the letter and add that to the envelope.

3. Attention

Probably the most important factor in keeping an online relationship going is giving each other attention. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life, but you can’t let that happen to you. Schedule time together and keep to it. Also, pay her compliments and tell her how much you miss her. Words are powerful.


If you are in an online relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend, then you need to make consistent efforts to keep it going. Remember this list, do your best and don’t give up during hard times.

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