How To Have The Perfect Chinese Date

chinese date

A typical Chinese date is bound to be very different from a regular western date in more ways than one. The inherent differences between the two cultures means that dating a Chinese lady must be given a different approach from that given when dating a western woman. Of course there are also some similarities between the two and these too are just as important as the differences. For instance, no matter which country your date comes from, showing chivalry during the date is always good and will always be appreciated by the women. In this context, chivalry refers to doing little gentlemanly things like pulling out her chair for her when you get to the table and opening doors for her or taking her coat.

What should you do on your first Chinese date?

Since it is your very first date, you and your Chinese date have probably never met in person before. Naturally, your main objective will be to do your best to impress her so that she still wants to be with you after the date. Anything else will be an absolute disaster. Fortunately, she too will be trying her best to make a good impression on you although given how conservative Chinese culture is and how conservative the women are, she will not want to show it visibly. Here are a few things that you can do to impress your Chinese date;

  • Learn and practice the culture; for the first date, you do not have to be a master of Chinese culture, and you wouldn’t be able to do so that fast anyway, but try to learn as much of the culture before the first date. Find out the best way to greet your date when she arrives. Chinese greetings are different from western greetings and things like hugs and kisses are definitely not allowed on your first Chinese date. You might also want to learn how to use chopsticks, if you do not know how to do so already, since you will be using them if you are going to eat any Chinese food during the date.
  • Talk about long-term issues; without looking too obvious, try to drive the conversation towards discussions of subjects that require long term marital commitment. Such issues could include kids or career prospects for the future. The conversations about long term future aspirations indicate to your Chinese date that you are thinking about sharing your future with her and this is important since Chinese women value marriage and family relationships
  • Seek her family’s blessings; it may sound odd to a western man but the approval of the girl’s family is very important to her even for just a single date with a man and more so if the man happens to be form another cultural background.
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