First date with a Filipina woman – Dos and Don’ts

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Dating the Filipina can be an extraordinary experience. You can get as much fun as you want with these beautiful ladies as they provide the best dating experience. There are, however, some rules that one needs to follow in order to have the date going in perfect direction.

There are certain dos and don’ts that are essential to be followed for First date with a Filipina woman:


  • Be Punctual

Filipina love the men who are on time so the person dating them should always be on time. This kind of practice will surely impress the Filipina to continue the dating experience with her beloved person.

  • Dress Decently

The Filipina tend to fall in love with men who have a great sense of style. If the man wears great clothes and looks hygienic as well then he will surely score well in the eye of these women. Having a well groomed and a man with decent personality is the priority of every Filipina girl.

  • Your Confidence Play the Major Role on First Date with a Filipina Woman

Dating with Filipina can be anxious for the first time. However the person should try to be confident about his date. The person having the date should avoid fidgeting in nervousness and should try to look confident throughout the time. This impresses these women more than anything.

  • Keep the Environment Light

When a man goes on a date with a Filipina then he should try to keep on with her through light conversion. The first date with a Filipina woman should be all about talking about one’s interest and sharing jokes. They like the men who are caring and funny at the same time.


  • Never Make Them Wait for You

The most important thing that you should avoid with these women is getting late. The men who are dating these women should always be on time as they do not like the men who can never be punctual.

  • Don’t Be Self-Centered

Sometimes men try to impress women by talking about their own self and their accomplishments. However while dating a Filipina a person should avoid talking only about himself. A man should let the Filipina talk about herself as well in order to impress her.

  • Be Sure to Show Your Manners

The manners are very much important when it comes to date the Filipina women. One can never impress the Filipina if they are rugged or do not show table manners.

Thus there are so many things that can make a Filipina fall for one if he shows the right moves.

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