What to Discuss With Your Filipina Girlfriend on a First Date?

Your Filipina Girlfriend

When you’re trying to get to know someone new in any social setting, you have to tread carefully. This is tougher when you’re out on a first date with someone. It can be even more difficult if the person you’re out on a date with is from a different country. So many issues! For example, let’s say that you’re dating a pretty Filipina lady, and taking her out on your first date. You would be confused about what to say, what not to say, what to do, what not to do. Maybe something can be taken with wrong meanings! Maybe you’ll say something that is insulting to her, or her heritage! Well, stop worrying. Here are some fool proof things you can talk about on your first date, which will be perfect conversation starters!

You can start off by making some small talk. Talk about the weather, the place you’re at etc. you can ask her if she’s ever been here before, or recommend something good off the menu. You can ask about her day, tell her about yours. Moving on, if you’ve met online, you will already have some idea about her interests. If you don’t, you can ask her about that. There is a great chance the two of you will have a matching interest or shared hobby that will help you talk. Maybe there is a movie both of you like, or a book that you’ve both read. Don’t talk about that too much though. A few minutes are good enough to talk about that. You can also tell her funny anecdotes from your life. Humor is a great situation saver. She will also start to open up more when laughing.

Once the two of you have established a rapport, you can start talking about your families and other more personal things. If she is new to the city, you can offer to show her around, take her places and help her get settled in. Or you guys can talk about places in the city you would like to visit. That gives you great ideas for your next date! Try to keep discussions about current events or politics to a bare minimum. Politics can be a boring and volatile subject and may ruin your date. Apart from that, all channels are open! Talk to your hearts’ content and enjoy every moment of your first date with your Filipina girlfriend!

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