Dating Ukrainian Ladies – Meet Her Relatives

Phases of relationships do not differ even when you date Ukrainian ladies. First, there’s the dating stage where you go on casual dates and become familiar with each other. Then next comes the romantic phase where you grow more attached and intimate to one another. And maybe afterwards, you would already want to tie the knot? Unfortunately, that can’t be the case. You will first have to meet your partner’s family before you can start arranging your wedding, a kind of tradition of Ukraine families.

Most European people have quite close family connections so if you are in a serious relationship, you’re going to have to meet the parents together with everyone else in the family. This is very true amongst Ukrainian ladies. Meeting the family is sacred to them and therefore you should prepare for it properly and look your best. Below are important things to consider when preparing a date with the love of your life and her loved ones:

Ukrainian Ladies

Tip #1: Your appearance will matter

Ukrainian women like to dress smart and trendy and they like it when their partner’s do the same. The same applies to their parents. Even though they won’t question you about your fashion sense, it can develop a lasting impression. Just see to it that you portray your good intentions with your image and appearance. Get a haircut and shave if needed.

Tip #2: Follow the traditions

Presenting of gifts is a practice in many European countries, especially in Ukraine. One great gift for her mother would be a nice bouquet of flowers. Every lady loves wishing receiving beautiful flowers. You may bring her father a bottle of red or white wine. He will appreciate this manly gesture and he could even invite you to taste it after dinner (don’t fret, you’re most likely not going to finish it in one sitting).

Tip #3: Offer compliments

Give praise to her parents for raising such a charming and lovely lady. You must not overlook this when you meet with them. Give compliments and don’t be shy to share your feelings for their daughter. This shows that you know their daughter very well and that your interest in her is genuine.

Tip #4: Work your natural charm

Being charming doesn’t always mean you have to look good physically. It actually isn’t difficult at all to appear charming. Just be positive and speak smartly all throughout your date. Never be quiet, but provide compliments, share stories, offer help, and so on Everybody will love you for it!


One last thing before you go the most essential dinner (or lunch) of your life: be genuine and sincere. You don’t need to overdo things or pretend you’re someone else. If you are nice and your intentions are clear, every parent will see that and will grant you their love and full support.

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