Chinese and Filipina Women – Dating Differences

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There is a common misconception out there in the dating world that all Asian women are the same. This is a gross misrepresentation. There is also a temptation to stereotype women from China and The Philippines as being vastly different. This is also untrue.

Here you will know some of the crucial differences of Chinese and Filipina Women:

Family Expectations

Women from these countries may come from big, bold sprawling cities or highly-conservative, poor rural communities. Their attitudes and expectations are going to differ greatly, depending on upbringing and geography.  Women from these countries who engage in online dating with foreign men are not going to be typical culturally. In both countries, family takes precedence over everything. A female who considers moving to another country is braver than most of her sisters. There is no decent welfare system in either country so children are expected to take care of parents into old age. In the Philippines where they typically have big families, a woman can at least depend on her siblings. In China where a one child family is still the norm, this is a major dilemma.

Language and Culture

This is a major difference between the two countries. The Philippines is a former American colony and English is one of the official national languages. Most Filipinas speak English fluently although it may still not be native level. In China, school children study English for 12 years but with a strong focus on written grammar and no spoken components. Many Chinese are afraid to speak English and few achieve a near-native spoken level.

The Philippines is heavily influenced by American movies and music therefore giving Filipinas a greater cultural literacy in English than their Chinese sisters. Foreign movies and music have been heavily censored in China, until recently, although the Internet has allowed singers like Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa to gain a massive following. Nonetheless, your Chinese girlfriend is just as likely to prefer a Hong Kong songstress or Korean boy band.

Attitudes to Sex

It is generally accepted that Filipinas are more sexually lenient than their Chinese sisters. For different reasons, both the Philippines and China still have conservative attitudes to sex. The Philippines is steeped in strict Catholicism with abortion and contraception being vexed issues. Although abortions and contraception are easily obtained in China, women are still sexually conservative because virginity remains highly prized.

In both countries, the women who are willing to seek foreigners online will usually have a more liberal attitude to sex. It would be wrong to think that this is typical for the majority of women in these countries.


The simple truth is that women from China and the Philippines who seek foreign men on dating sites are looking for a better life. Both countries have vast areas that are still trapped in poverty and desperation. Women who are well educated often cannot get jobs due to economic problems and government policies.

In the Philippines, the ruling elite have little concern for the hungry masses. The situation in China is actually much better but certain ethnic minorities face discrimination and difficulties in climbing the social ladder. There is also a complex residency system which restricts citizens if they try to obtain education, jobs or social security in another province. This makes it difficult for people from the poorest provinces to break the cycle of poverty.

In both countries, being divorced or a single mother makes it extremely difficult to marry. These women will also seek foreigners on websites in the hopes of finding a more liberal westerner.


In general, women from the Philippines are used to sharing and hard work because they come from larger families. The younger generation of Chinese women, on the other hand, has grown up with multiple adults doting on their every move. Women from the Philippines are likely to have a greater understanding of western culture, whereas women from China have a limited view as presented through the lens of a censorship-happy government.

There are men who have happily married women from both cultures. Remember that these women, just like women everywhere, are looking for love, care, protection, respect and companionship between equals. Make sure that you can live up to that.

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