Chinese Dating- What Makes An Ideal Chinese Date?

chinese datingBecause of the language and cultural differences between Chinese women and men from the western world, dating between the two groups can be a complicated affair. Successful Chinese dating requires that the two groups try to familiarize with each other’s background and then try to establish common ground. In any relationship, establishing commonality is an important milestone if the relationship is to succeed. So if you are planning on venturing into Chinese dating, be it online dating or going out with a Chinese girl you have met and like, your first priority should be to learn as much as you can about their culture so that you know how to handle expectations of both your date and her family.

Are there any Chinese dating stereotypes?

learning the Chinese background will definitely have to involve confrontation of some deep rooted stereotypes and, to this end, below is a short discussion of some of the main Chinese dating stereotypes and whether or not they are actually real.

  • Chinese women are totally submissive; it is true that Chinese traditional and culture place men a little higher than women in the family. As such, the women are supposed, and expected, to be submissive to their husbands and, indeed, most of the Chinese women do that. However, this should not be taken to mean that the women are blindly obedient and will do anything that their husbands ask them without asking any questions.
  • Chinese women only date Chinese men; naturally, most parents from any culture in the world would prefer that their daughters get married to someone from their own culture since they have more in common and can easily understand each other and this statement is true for Chinese dating. However, it is not true that all Chinese parents are utterly opposed to the idea of their daughters getting married to western men and, in fact, many of them will readily give their blessings if the man can prove himself worthy in other aspects that matter.
  • You have to be very successful to date a Chinese women; again, it is in the interest of every parent to marry off their daughters to successful men. Because Chinese culture is built around hard work and the rewards of such hard work, it is often assumed that there are very few chances of successful Chinese dating taking place if the man is not deemed as successful in the eyes of his in-laws but this is not always true.
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