Chinese Dating Etiquette – Best Chinese Dating Tips

If you get into dating someone from a different culture, Chinese culture in this case, then you need to gather as much information about it as you can. There is such a huge gap between what is acceptable in the Eastern dating culture and what makes sense in the West. There are a couple of similarities, but they are too small to count.

The most important thing to know about Chinese dating is that you, as the guy, have to take initiative, make the decisions and take action. So if you are truly interested in dating Chinese women then have a look at these five dating etiquette tips and memorize them:

1. Casual Dates vs. Set-Ups

Chinese datingCasual dating is virtually non-existent in the Chinese culture like with other Asian cultures. In the West, it is the opposite where people go on dates with people they don’t know one bit. In China, the most common way people go out on a date is when they get set up by a friend. Randomly walking up to a person and asking them out on a date will not work. The majority of dates are set-up by their friends, co-workers or family.

2. Meaning to Words

Times are changing but in some places, they seem to stay the same. It is still common in China to express feelings through words. When a Chinese woman tells you she misses you, it is something you need to take seriously right away.

3. Meeting the Parents

That is something that happens a lot quicker in the Chinese dating culture than in the West. Provided that the woman sees you as serious dating material. If the woman doesn’t introduce you at all, it says something about your relationship.

4. Intimacy

As you can most likely guess, that is something that takes a long time – getting to intimacy. Most Asians don’t view intimacy before marriage as something to be engaged in so many will try to avoid it. The important thing here is not to pressure the Chinese woman you are dating because that is likely to break the whole relationship.

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