How to Avoid Offending Your Favourite European Lady

Keep your European lady interested with these tips

If you’ve been a member of an online dating site for some time now, it’s possible that you’ve already met a European lady you really like. You’ve introduced yourself and she seems interested, you’re emailing each other almost daily and then all of a sudden, you never hear from your chat partner again. Naturally, you’re left wondering what you did wrong.

It’s true that making a wrong move could end a beautiful relationship before it has even begun. Furthermore, if you keep making the same mistake over and over again, you could have trouble keeping a European woman interested for long term. Below is some advice on things to avoid if you want to be successful in international online dating.

Don’t discuss heavy subjects too early in the relationship

You should already know that there are thousands of interesting and gorgeous women on online dating sites, so it actually makes sense that some guys would like to create a deeper and more intimate connection with some of the lovely ladies as soon as possible. Unfortunately, discussing sensitive topics like sex or asking for sexy photographs too early in the relationship is not the best way to achieve this. You need to give your online partner some time to get to know you first.

European Lady

Demanding to know what she does with her free time

Since most of us are members of all the biggest social media networks, it’s not impossible finding out what a woman is up to at any given moment. Remember though, just because it is easy, doesn’t mean you should take advantage of the situation. If your partner finds out that you’ve been spying on her every move, she might think you’re stalking her and get scared off.

Texting a thousand times a day

Let’s imagine you’ve sent your sweetheart a text or Facebook message and you’re still waiting for her reply. You think maybe she didn’t receive it the first time, so you text her again and again and again. Remember that she could have a great reason why she hasn’t gotten back to you yet. It could be that she doesn’t have access to her personal email during working hours or she can’t even use the internet every day. Just because she doesn’t email you back straight away doesn’t mean she’s not interested.

Talking about previous relationships too often

One sure way to drive a woman away is talking about your previous relationships all the time. If you say positive things about your ex, your current partner may think you’re still not over the relationship. If you say negative things about your ex-girlfriend, she could be afraid that you could speak badly about her too if you break up. To avoid all of this, it’s best not to discuss your previous relationships at all.

It’s natural that we all make mistakes and you shouldn’t let this discourage you from finding your one and only. Just because one particular woman wasn’t interested in you, doesn’t mean that you will never find someone who could match your needs. Just follow our tips when talking to European ladies and your dream of dating a gorgeous woman could become a reality sooner than you expect.

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