The Asian Date Guide to Cultural Differences When Dating

Interracial and cross-cultural dating can be a social and emotional minefield. The coming together of two cultures is a beautiful thing. Only without awareness of subtle social nuances and differences, these relationships can be prone to problems. At we are very aware of these scenarios and can help guide you to ensure you can navigate any potential pitfalls with ease and decorum. read more

Dating in Asia: Customs to Know About

A lot of Western men are interested in dating in Asia. That has been made a lot easier thanks to a number of online dating portals that offer international dating services. What too many people forget, though, is that when they date outside their culture, having knowledge of their date’s culture is important. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at what you need to know before dating in Asia. read more

Dating Asian Women: Where to Take Her on the First Date

It is no secret that first dates can be stressful. It is the first peek we get into who your date is and if there is any real spark. We all want to leave a good first impression, and if you are dating outside your culture, it becomes even more important. In today’s article, we are focusing on the topic of Western guys dating Asian women. So, you have asked someone out and are wondering where to take her on the first date. Here are some suggestions: read more

Myths and Realities of the Asian Culture

Everybody is guilty of having preconceptions about cultures other than their own. It can easily be blamed on media because of how they project different cultures. Usually, the tv shows, animations, comics and even commercials are full of stereotypes. What people don’t often realize is that we share a part of the blame as well. We could reach high-quality sources and learn about other cultures ourselves. That is where this article comes in – we will take a look at myths and realities of the Asian culture. read more

4 Things to Avoid When Visiting Asia

Are you interested in visiting Asia in the near future? What do you know about the Asian cultures? Is there anything? It is always a good idea to learn as much as you can about the local culture of whatever country you are visiting. Especially if you are visiting it for the first time. When visiting an Asian country, keep the following tips in mind, so you avoid embarrassment and gain points for proper use of etiquette. read more