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If you happen to be a guy that has an interest in seriously dating a Filipino or you’re already planning to marry your Filipino girlfriend, you’ve most likely met her family. As soon as her parents find out that you’re getting serious, you are automatically seen as family. Don’t be too surprised if they treat you like a son they’ve never had. That’s how the Filipino culture works. There are more things you should expect from your girlfriends family:

1. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

The Filipinos have a great sense of hospitality. If you step into their home as a guest you will get the best of everything: the biggest slice of meat or cake, you get to be the one to pour drinks and so forth. You will be shown that you are very important. Guests don’t have to lift a finger so don’t even offer to help clean the table! They don’t expect that of you – you are expected to sit back and relax and enjoy the meal.

2. They are involved in your personal life.

This may seem a bit unusual to you if you are a Western guy. Filipino families are very closely knit so they will know everything that’s going on in your relationship. This may take some getting used to. It’s just how things are over there. At first it will be uncomfortable but you better get used to it because it won’t be going away.

3. They will be around a lot

Like we mentioned in the previous point, these families are very tight and because of the way she was brought up it is normal for her to want to have the family at the house often. She may even suggest you two move very close to where the family lives.

4. There will be nitpicking every now and then.

In the U.S. if someone says: “You’ve gained weight over the summer” it is seen as pretty rude, but with your Filipino girlfriend it isn’t seen as such. It is actually a sort of form of endearment on their part. The more attention they pay to you the more they are showing their respect.

Are you a bit stunned?

These points are most likely very different from what you are used to in your home. At first it is going to be a bit difficult to deal with all of this but if you are truly set with marrying your Filipino girlfriend then you are going to get used to it. Accept the differences and enjoy a happy life.

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