Amazing Secrets to Date Beautiful Russian Women

The Secrets to thrilling Russian women and being able to date them is to simply understand their likes and dislikes. Russian women are not complex as they seem, they are easy to please, pretty old fashioned in respect to the treatment they want accorded to them by men and are so proud of their motherland, heritage and culture. If you want to date Russian women just learn more about Russia as a country. Know the attractions, activities, delicacies, few celebrities and a little bit about the language to be able to easily excite and date Smart Russian women. This makes her know that you are serious about her, and that increases chances of you being the dream partner for her.

Age Factor to Date Russian Women
Age is not an issue for one to date Russian women may it be online or in real life. Most dating sites have an age bracket of 18 – 30 years women. Most of the women are not married, have no kids and prefer men with no kids. While some ladies prefer men who are older than them, however most prefer younger men. Most women prefer older men for security purposes e.g. money those older men have and also have luxurious cars and houses. Most Russian beauties within the ages from 25 – 30, are beautiful but single and this is mainly because of education.

How to Date Russian Women
As the matter of the fact, Russian women are so attached to their heritage and culture so they prefer things done their own way.
Lets discuss, how to date Smart Russian women:

Dating Online/Offline
If you want to date Russian women online, make sure to give the best first impression. Communication is very important, so keep contact as much as you can either via mails, Skype, and especially phone calls and eventually you can organize a face to face meet up which marks the beginning of real life dating. This meet up shouldn’t be organized too fast after online chats as to show your seriousness and to earn respect. Hence go with the flow and don’t show that you are very easy to fell in love with anyone around.

Real Life Dating
Once you have known each other well, take the initiative to ask her out first. Inquire her where she prefers as your meet up place. While you are on date, order her favorite meal or take her to her favorite restaurant. Try to speak and learn her language as to her the pronunciation might not matter. You may ask her to teach you her language and get her engaged in a healthy relationship.

Bottom line is that Russian women prefer gentle men, a man who will open the car door for her, pull a chair for her and let her pass first. Date Smart Russian women the way it is described and all this will make them feel good. They are complicated and as sweet as they always seem on your screen but they also need to be handled carefully to be pleased.

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