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If you are reading this article then you are most likely interested in dating Asian women. That may sound like a simple task because you’ve gone on plenty of dates before. But have you dated outside your own culture before? If you have not then you will have to change your approach because what works in the West does not work in the East. This article is offering you advice on how to go about dating Asian women.

1. Friendship Matters

Asian cultureIn Asia it is very popular to set people up on a blind date. That means that friends and social networks play a huge role in the Asian dating market. Randomly walking up to an attractive woman and asking her out on the spot hardly ever works. Most dates are set up so you may want to meet new people and have them set up dates for you. It may be a little difficult to get used to because so far you have successfully asked women out before
yourself but this is what makes sense in Asia.

2. Common Ground

When on a date with an Asian woman, finding common ground is important – it will make her feel more at ease. Assuming that your date was set up by a friend, a great topic of discussion is that same person. Overall the best topics for conversation is anything you have in common: common hobbies, goals, likes and so on.

3. Playing Hard to Get

In Asia this applies to both men and women. It is very much cliché but in Asia people love to be chased. It is interesting that men enjoy this concept just as much as the women. Since you are most likely used to being the one that does the chasing then just work with that role. Make an effort to show your chosen woman that you are sincerely interested in her and would like to date her for the long haul.

4. Group Dates

This probably sound very unusual to you but it is a relevant thing in the Asian dating market. In Asia before you go out with anyone else you usually go out as a group. That makes people more comfortable with each other. When you are interested in dating someone then invite a bunch of your friends that know the woman out for some food or drinks and after 4-5 dates like that you can ask the woman out alone.

Is it Very Different?

As you can tell, the Asian dating scene differs a lot from the European or American dating scene. Remember our advice when you set out for dating Asian women – these tips sound very basic but they work great in real life. Come back soon for more Asian dating tips.

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