7 Chinese Superstitions That May Affect Your Online Dating

Whether or not you believe in superstitions or not is irrelevant here. If you’re online dating someone from the Chinese culture, you must adapt to their way of seeing things. An obvious exception to this is dating a Chinese woman who grew up in the Western world but if you’re going for something more traditional you need to be aware of these 7 fascinating Chinese superstitions that you need to be aware of: onlinedating

1. Pairs

When you send her flowers or chocolates it is better if you make sure they are in pairs. In the Chinese culture pairs are a sign of good luck and the more pairs the better. When you go for flowers, why not send a dozen?

2. Age Difference matters.

In the Chinese culture marrying someone who is 3 or 6 years younger or older than you is a sign of bad luck. If you want your marriage to be happy you need to take this into account. It sounds odd but they’re really keen on their traditions and beliefs.

3. Pointing at the moon.

Pointing your finger at the moon is a no-no. If you to that it is said that your finger will fall off. Want to give it a try?

4. Cutting the noodles

If you’re dating a Chinese woman you have to figure out how to eat noodles. In the Chinese culture cutting the noodles is a bad idea. Noodles represent longevity and therefore if you cut your noodles you’re cutting the longevity in your life.

5. Clocks as presents

Let’s say you’re going to get to meet her family in the near future and you’re wondering what to give them for presents. You notice a gorgeous clock at some store and figure since it’s an appropriate gift in your part of the world – it will make perfect sense in China. As it happens the Chinese word for “clock” sound very much like the word for “death”. For obvious reasons this isn’t a good gift.

6. Surnames

You have probably notices that the Chinese have very common last names. Should it happen that your and her last name are exactly the same it is thought that your kids will be born unhealthy and you will have an unhappy marriage. According to the Chinese superstition you can belong to the same ancestry.

If you are a foreigner then number 6 isn’t a concern for you.

7. Keep it clean

Dating a Chinese woman, you better be clean and shaven. There is a superstition about wearing a mustache – it is considered bad luck so you’re going to have to let go of the ruggedly handsome look – you will simply look like bad luck. Can you think of any Chinese guy you’ve seen with a beard? Most likely not since they don’t want to push girls away.

Do you have superstitions?

Superstitions are silly at times, but being Chinese it is just how people are. Perhaps you have some yourself? This is a topic you could be discussing with your Chinese date. Come back for more online and offline dating tips.

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