Let’s assume you are someone interested in dating Asian women but you have no understanding of their cultural background at all. Now you are surfing the web, looking for information so you could make your dating more successful. You ask questions such as – how to approach the ladies, should you ask them out right away, is it okay in their culture to buy drinks and so on. Well, look no further – we have the answers for you.

Before we start out with this it is important to remember that there are two types of Asian women:

There are the Native-Asian women who are born and raised in their native land and their attitudes, ideals and beliefs reflect the local culture. That is the type we are addressing here today.

Asian womenThere is also the American-Asian type – their family moved to the States when they were young. Their values are also formed based on the local culture, and these ladies are a subject for another day.

Here are some tips for dating Asian women raised in Asia:

1. Smile kindly and look away.

When you are in a casual place like a library or a cafe, and you come across someone you find very attractive – try to catch their eye and smile kindly. Do not follow it up as you would in the west – by walking up to them and initiating conversation right away. What you do next is a calculation taking into account how she reacts to you.

2. Buy drinks.

If you are somewhere casual, you can also offer to buy her and her friends drinks. Have it sent over with a waiter who will tell them that the drinks are from you. This is a very movie-like thing to do and will catch her attention.

3. Asking for directions.

That’s right. Playing the lost foreigner card. You can go sightseeing somewhere and approach a person asking how to get somewhere. Don’t be aggressive with your approach because you may scare these ladies off.


It is all about being who you are and acting naturally. You can be confident but not pushy and aggressive. Dating Asian women you must play your cards right. Ask her lots of questions about herself and take her to places she would like.

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